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"It is my destiny to refute the notion of impossibility."

Becoming A Butterfly: 
From Prison to Ph.D., 
authored by Dr. NKrumah D. Lewis is a heart-rending epoch for this generation. Written in the stages of butterfly development, Dr. Lewis takes readers on a phenomenal journey with twists and turns that are incredibly emotional. While initially written to free the minds of incarcerated men, commentaries on the book’s content are hard evidences that we are not alone in other manners of suffering. Dr. Lewis manages to transport himself back to childhood and give rise to the voice that was once lost to him as he was muted by violence both in his home and community. He also tramples on the notion that men of color are unable or unwilling to discuss the formerly taboo topics of suicide and mental illness. The book is a bold and intimate sketch of spiritual metamorphosis and redemption.
“Becoming A Butterfly: From Prison to Ph.D. falls squarely within the rich tradition of African American autobiography. Part catharsis, part hermeneutic and part spiritual tome, Lewis vividly captures the struggles of his past – loneliness, anger, isolation, abuse, and prison. Dr. Lewis writes with an empathetic candor and unflinching sincerity which makes this book mandatory reading for anyone interested in African American men, American education, or the prison industrial complex.” – W. Boone
 “The book is a deep look at the inner-struggle for every black man (educated and uneducated) and his desire to fight his demons, ability to conform to all social constructs and still live freely inside his soul long enough to have the ability to spread his wings and fly.” – K. Graves
“Becoming A Butterfly is a book that inspires and motivates. It demonstrates that life can cast you aside to a point where you simply don’t want to go on anymore, but if you have the will to fight, then this book will help you get back up and do so.” – P. Watts
“This is a book that allows one to break free of their cocoon. It has allowed me to reflect on personal childhood memories, losses and other tribulations that I’ve endured, while witnessing the pain and joy that has brought Dr. Lewis the drive for his master plan for success; not only for himself, but for those that he surrounds himself with.” – J. Palmer
"This is an absolute pager-turner; I couldn’t put it down. The writing is so vivid, I felt as though I was right there.” – J. Burgess
“I am amazed with how descriptive the words are in painting the picture of (his) emotional vulnerability and methods of escapism during (his) younger years. The beauty of this story is that it doesn’t stop in prison. Dr. Lewis found the courage and inner strength to move beyond the emotional convolution of the ‘penal complex’ and become the man he is today.” – T. Jones
“I ran the gamete of emotions as I read this book, from crying, to laughter to being angry with Dr. Lewis regarding decisions that he made. In the end, my heart was made glad, because the culminating experience was quite simply…hope. This is one of the more thoughtful works of our generation.” 
– S. Martin
“Anyone in the country that claims mentoring as their goal or profession and particularly working with young men of color HAS to read this book.” – G. Davis